• Ascendant Marketing Group Can Make Debt Consolidation Easier

  • Posted on December 20, 2018
  • Those who work for Ascendant Marketing Group know that, if a homeowner is able to borrow against their home’s equity, they can use that money to consolidate most of their debts and pay back a single loan at a low mortgage rate. Thus, they will save plenty of money every month. Last year alone, the average homeowner gained more than $15,000 in home equity and the average equity on most homes is much higher than that. Ascendant Marketing Group has been able to generate leads by identifying the best candidates for these types of services and helping financial services companies relieve the debt burden of many people.

    Of course, a second mortgage is just one of many ways to consolidate debt and pay less every month; there are many other ways to do it, as well and Ascendant Marketing Group knows them all. For example, some clients often use an instrument called a cash-out refinance, which is a refinance of an existing mortgage loan, in which the homeowner refinances an amount larger than the existing mortgage. Ascendant Marketing Group knows the homeowner can also use that excess cash for anything else that will reduce their level of debt.

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